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Looking for the perfect gift? Welcome to illustrait me! We create bespoke illustrated portraits to make the perfect, personalised present for your friends or family. Be it a wedding gift, birthday present or to celebrate a special occasion, illustrait me is the unique, thoughtful gift you’ve been looking for for that someone special.

"I commissioned a picture for my best friend and her now husband. illustrait me were absolute legends, listening to all my questions and creating such a fantastic present. My friend loves it. Thanks again guys. YOU ROCK!! xx."

— Amy Rixon January 7, 2017


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The illustrait me story

On the 1st of February 2013, Graphic Designer Chris finally made the decision that he was going to propose to Jo, his girlfriend of 7 and a half years. Having a love of typography, he didn’t want this to be your average proposal; no, he decided he was going to take each letter from ‘Will You Marry Me?’ and design each character individually. He also wanted to have them finished and to propose to her on the 1st of March. He swiftly realised that designing 15 characters on his own within a month was going to be nigh on impossible! So, being a resourceful sort of chap, he emailed a number of their closest creative friends and asked for help. Very kindly, they all jumped at the opportunity.

Just under a month later, after some serious drawing, designing, painting, decoupaging and even sewing, all 15 characters were finished! With the help of the fantastic Paddock Art Studios in Lewes, Chris had arranged to hire a gallery in which to display the finished pieces. Early on the 1st of March, after some clever hoodwinking from one of their friends, Jo and Chris left for the studios under the pretence of going to see some local artwork on display. Of course, upon seeing such an amazing display of creativity and love Jo said ‘yes’!

So how did illustrait me come to be? Well, one of these beautifully designed characters made by Chris and used for the proposal was an illustrated print of Jo and Chris holding hands to create the letter M. They went on to use this design for their Save the Date cards (they were beer mats, as Jo and Chris got married in a pub!) and for their order of service leaflet. After some discussion, they thought that designing personalised illustrations would also make great gifts for people, so they went about creating a print for each of their bridesmaids and groomsmen which would be presented on the day of the wedding. Since then, Chris and Jo have been collaborating on illustrait me prints and have been commissioned by friends and family to make bespoke portraits celebrating birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. In January 2017, Chris and Jo launched the illustrait me website and social media stream, hoping to share their lovingly created, bespoke illustrations with everyone.

Would you like your own personalised print? Or perhaps would you like to commission one for someone special? If so, we’d really love to hear from you! Email us at